Appraisals - We will appraise smaller collections or whole estates with prior arrangements.

Bargain Area - Rough and imperfect antiques sold at discounted prices.

Estate Services - Cameo Antique Mall offers a confidential and comprehensive estate program by our professional staff.

Gift Wrapping - We will wrap any customer's small item at no charge. For jewelry and other small items, we will also furnish boxes.

Holds - We will hold an item for 48 hours at the customer's request. Large items will be left on the sales floor with a hold sign attached.

Layaways - There is a 60-day layaway service available with 25% down and an additional one-time $5.00 fee. The item is removed from the sales floor and placed in the layaway area at the time of the initial sale. If the balance is not paid within 60 days, the customer forfeits the deposit.

Online Sales - Cameo Antique Mall will coordinate and perform sales on select online auction websites.

Payment - Cameo Antique Mall accepts cash, check, Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

Reference Library - The antique reference collection located at Cameo Antique Mall contains both old and new reference and pricing guides. All books in the library area are for use in the store and for sale.

Refinishing, Restoration, Upholstering and Repair Services - Cameo Antique Mall will provide customers with professional references, including phone numbers, but we no longer coordinates these services.

Shipping - We will provide in-state and out-of-state shipping for cutomers at the carrier's rate and paid for by the customer.

Vintage-Inspired Gifts - New gifts (labeled as new) are selected for their antique style, quality and collector's appeal. Items include soaps, frames, seasonal collectibles and others.

For more details about any of the services, please contact the store
in person, by phone at (608) 643-8000, or by e-mail.