Dealer Information

Thank you for your interest in Cameo Antique Mall. Whether you are new to the antique business or having been selling your treasured pieces for many years, you will find all of the information below for developing a successful relationship with us.

Advertising and Promotion:
The dealer's contribution towards advertising and promotion is included in the commission percentage. We also produce flyers that the dealer can take to promote the Mall, free of charge. Cameo Antique Mall will invest in regional advertising, including: Treasure Map, Yesteryear, Ad-Lit Madison and Southwest Wisconsin, Antiques Shop, Wisconsin Dells and Lake Delton Shops, and Antique Week-Central Edition.

Dealer Payouts:
Sales on the dealer's/owner's inventory (less commission) will be personally distributed on the 3rd of the month directly to the dealer/owner, or mailed on the 5th of each month. If the dealer/owner has not paid their lease payment by the 5th of the month, payout will be held and a $15 late fee will be assessed.

All dealers will be given a 10% discount on inventory purchases if they register their resale number with the Mall. However, if a dealer does not wish to grant a 10% discount to a dealer this should be designated at the time of lease signing.

The owners carry building liability insurance in the case of fire and accidents. The Mall management carries individual insurance on the contents of the building equipment and personal inventory in the case of theft, fire or accidents. Each dealer should carry their own insurance for their protection against theft, fire and damage. Management cannot insure inventory that we do not own. The signed lease acts as a waiver in removing management from any responsibility.

Inventory Criteria:
Cameo Antique Mall will maintain inventory that is of the highest quality and condition. By definition a true "antique" is at least 100 years old. Our Mall requests that items be no more contemporary than 1965. The following inventory may not be sold: reproductions, operating firearms, pesticides, old alcohol or medicine. No high intensity lights allowed.

Lease Terms:
All payments are due by the 1st of each month as described in the lease agreement. After 5 days, a $15 late fee will be charged. All lease payments can be made in person or mailed to:

It is our goal to finalize a sale at the time of interest. Any patron may request up to 10% off the listed price unless the dealer/owner has already designated otherwise. However, if a patron makes an offer that is less than the designated minimum, we will contact the dealer/owner before finalizing the sale if the item is over $50.

Blank price tags can be obtained from management for a nominal fee. All price tags should be written in the following way:

Dealer No. -- Inventory No.
Description of Item:

Cameo Antique Mall does not grant returns, except for a very rare situation.

All sales are final. Cameo Antique Mall will accept major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard), check and cash at the time of sale. Merchant fees for credit cards will be charged against the dealer's sales. We will report and pay your sales tax, unless you notify us otherwise. Special Mall-wide sales will be held in the Spring and Fall and may be held at other times honoring special events days. Dealers are expected to participate in Mall-wide sales.

Dealers must remain in their own booth's boundaries. All booths must be setup within the first or last hour of the day unless otherwise given permission by management. All items must be taken in through the back loading dock entrance rather than the front door. No individual dealer's sale/discount signs are allowed, as we have mall-wide sales. Dealers are expected to keep their booths current, clean and orderly.

Takedown must be done before or after hours as arranged with Mall management. All items must be taken out through the back loading dock entrance rather than the front door.

Cameo Antique Mall
827 Water Street
Sauk City, WI 53583